Stacy McKitrick, Writer of Paranormal Romance

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Hi! Iím Stacy McKitrick (seen here with my Dad) and welcome to my website.

Now, if youíre looking at that photo and thinking, ďThatís not the country and western singer,Ē youíd be correct. And if itís her youíre looking for, I hope youíll stick around. Maybe I have something that will interest you.

Oh, and if itís me youíre looking for - Thank you!

I write paranormal romances with hot and sexy good guys. My debut novel, MY SUNNY VAMPIRE, is due to be released in January 2014 from Lyrical Press and Iím very excited.

Interested in checking out my writing before the big book is released? I have a short story included in the anthology, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, titled ďThe Last Christmas Visit.Ē

Details on all my books (Iím nothing if not optimistic) are just a click away on the BOOKS tab.

Thank you for stopping by. Put your feet up, take a look around. Visit my blog (please!). If you have any questions, Iím just an e-mail away.